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Sally Irwin
P.O. Box 294
Litchfield, CT 06759

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Social Services Coordinator and Municipal Agent for the Elderly
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Social Services Coordinator and Municipal Agent for the Elderly:

Provide information and services for numerous state and local programs including the following:

Energy Assistance
Renters Rebate
Nutrition Programs
Home Care

Goshen: Selectman’s office - Virginia Perry 860-491-2308 x228
Municipal Agent: Debbie DiPietro - 860-491-4673

Litchfield: Phil Birkett – 860-567-7564
Municipal Agent: Phil Birkett – 860-567-7564

Morris: Laurel Gillotti – 860-567-7430
Municipal Agent: Kristin Davila - 860-567-7437

Roxbury: Jerrilynn Tiso – 860-210-0201
Municipal Agent: Jerrilynn Tiso – 860-210-0201

Warren: 860-868-9030 Social Services Municipal Agent on Aging, Melissa Woodward

Washington: Selectman’s Office - Municipal Agent: Pam Collins – 860-868-0735

Washington Fuel Bank: Pam Collins – 860-868-0735

Other Resources:

Litchfield Community Services: Administer fund for emergency services – work through Litchfield Social Services Director - 860-567-7564.

Goshen Community Care & Hospice: 860-491-4673

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Goshen • Litchfield • Morris • Roxbury • Warren • Washington