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What Does it Cost?

Our Chore Service clients are asked to make a donation to the program based on their income and ability to pay.

If your monthly income is less than: Your suggested contribution is:
Single Couple Per Service Hour
$  908 $1226 $6
$1134 $1532 $7
$1361 $1839 $8
$1815 $2453 $9
$2270 $3065 $10
$2724 $3678 $11
$3174 $4278 $14
$3624 $4878 $16

If you are 60 or older and your monthly income is over these guidelines, you still can use our services.  We request that you contribute $24.00 an hour or more, if you can afford it, to the program.

The Chore Service is partially funded by a grant from the Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging, Inc. (WCAAA) and a small assessment from our six member towns.  We also apply for grants and raise funds from businesses and members of our communities.

Workers are paid directly by the Chore Service at a standard rate, regardless of the contribution the senior makes to the program. They are covered by worker's compensation and liability insurance.




Litchfield Hills Chore Service Serving the Towns of :
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